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Acoustic's in the Workplace

As workplaces move to greater density and less private space for both economic and organisational reasons, acoustic performance will become increasingly important.

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The acoustic challenge

Over the last decade, the way we work has changed radically. Higher workstation densities, the rise of collaboration introducing a range of voice volume and the introduction of different technologies, from speaker phones to desktop video conferencing and , have increased noise levels at work.

Research now shows that many work environments are doing a poor job of providing acoustical comfort, that is, appropriate acoustical support for interaction, confidentiality, and concentrative work.

In fact, according to the US Centre for Workplace Strategy, acoustic problems are a leading source of employee dissatisfaction in the open plan work space.


Productivity and satisfaction

Research conducted with six major US corporations found that lack of speech privacy decreases employee satisfaction and productivity:

70% of employees say that noise in the open plan environment is the number one workplace distraction, affecting satisfaction and productivity

52% of employees reported that they felt stressed at work — due to lack of ability to think and concentrate in the open plan environment.


If you are faced with this issue in your current location we are happy to discuss further and provide relevant information. There are a range of various acoustic fabrics that can help.