Eco Soft Carpet Tiles

EcoSoft Out Standing Features

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Performance enhanced
  • Superior Diminutional Stability
  • Cushioning Effect Reduces Leg Fatigue
  • Reduces Carpet Fibre Crush, Wear, and Tear
  • Superior Sound Absorption 
  • PVC and Bitumen Free
  • Environmentally Friendly, No Fibreglass Used
  • Uses Post-Consumer Recycled Content

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Eco Soft Marks a New era in the development of high-performance and environmentally friendly carpet tile cushioning backing.

Eco Soft is the next generation of carpet tile backing that is made from 80% post-consumer material reengineered from millions of drinking water bottles, plus 5% post-industrial recycled PET. This environmentally friendly backing not only meets all the stringent criteria required in carpet tile, but consistently out performs the conventional PVC and Bitumen hard backings as well as the urethane cushion backing in a durability, walking comfort and indoor air quality.