Customised Chairs (Ergonomics)

Selecting the correct task chair style for yourself or your team is important. A correctly fitted/custom task chair can improve comfort and concentration and most importantly reduce back and neck pain, leading to overall greater productivity.

A Two Lever chair offers: (fitted with either manual or ratchet back adjustment)

- Partial ergonomic support

- Seat Height, Back Tilt and Back Height Adjustments

A Three Lever chair offers:

- Full Ergonomic Support

- Seat Height, Seat Tilt, Back Height and Back Tilt Adjustments

Optional Accessories can be fitted to ensure the most comfortable sitting experience made just for you.

- Seat Slide, Visco overlay, Adjustable Arms, Pump up Lumbar and Castor options.

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It is well documented that when organisations have embarked on a “one size/style task chair fits all approach” to their office seating needs up to 30% of the workers found the chair height / seat sizes to be either too small or too large both in length and width. Why? because we all come in different sizes, shapes and weight therefore require different support mechanisms to establish the correct seating/posture support. These irregularities over time increase regularity of back and shoulder pain, neck pain resulting in an increase in absenteeism.